Meridian Sun Limited,, (below: Meridian Sun) respects the privacy and rights of the users of its website. Our obligations, defined by regulations about personal data protection, are dealt with very seriously. Therefore, we have compiled this document, as to describe the ways in which we use and process personal data.

With this communication, we wish to explain to all our users the ways we handle the personal data we collect: which data is saved, for how long, and in which way they are used. Here you may also find out more about how to contact us in case you have questions regarding your personal data.

Meridian Sun offers services of online booking of accommodation through its own website, as well as through other online service providers and social networks. The following information are related to all the platforms listed above.

Which personal data are collected by Merdian Sun and how are they used?

Visit to our website:

Which personal data are collected? By coming to our website, our web server automatically collects information about your computer’s IP address, the type of web browser, domain name, time of access, address of the website you came from and information about the pages you visited on our website and actions you made during your browsing on our website. Certain data (but not personal data) are also saved in cookies in your web browser. More details will be given in the text that follows.What are they used for? The data collected by our web server are automatically used and accumulated for statistical purposes on website usage, all to the scope of improving the quality of our website. We would like to point out that our web server does not collect your e-mail address or any other information which might identify you.

For how long are they saved and with whom are they shared? The collected information are automatically deleted in a short time period and are not shared.

Booking of accommodation:

Which personal data are collected?The personal data collected from you during the booking process or registration on our website are your name and surname, country, phone number and e-mail address.

In some special circumstances, we might ask you to provide additional information, depending on the terms and conditions of the service provider. These are exclusively information needed by the service provider in order for the service to be delivered in the best possible way.What are they used for?In order to provide you with the high quality service you ordered, it is necessary that you are informed in a timely manner about all actions and activities related to that service. In doing so, we contact you by phone only if we assess that it is in your best interest that the information reaches you as soon as possible, and we send all other information related to your inquiry or booking by e-mail: payment instructions, reminders, voucher, invoice, instructions on arriving to your destination… In doing so, no promotional or marketing notifications come to your e-mail address, unless you had explicitly requested so during the registration process.With whom are they shared?Data of the users of our booking services are shared exclusively with the service provider. In doing so, we only share the data necessary for fulfilling of the obligation originating from accommodation service providing.For how long are they saved?If you have become our user exclusively for the purpose of using one of our services, your data will be saved for the needs of administrative / accounting processing of your booking, maximum 6 months after the end of your stay.


Which personal data are collected?If you choose to pay for one of our services by credit card on our website (not mandatory), you will be asked to provide your credit card information. In case you make the payment in another way, you will be asked to provide us with the confirmation of the payment.What are they used for and with whom are they shared?In order to make the payment and confirm the booking of your service to the service provider. Information about the credit cards you had inserted during payment process are given directly to our provider of online credit card charge services.

In case you are entitled to a refund for your booking of accommodation, we must share certain information about your booking with charge service provider and the financial institution in charge of the refund. This may include the copy of your booking confirmation or IP address used for the booking. In case it becomes inevitable for discovering or preventing fraud attempts, these information may be shared with associated financial institutions.For how long are they saved?Your credit card information are never saved, we forward them directly to our provider of online credit card charge services for further processing. The provider of online credit card charge services saves them in accordance with credit card payment regulations.

Recommend a friend:

Which personal data are collected?Once you choose to send your friends instructions about the usage of recommendation discount through our website, you will be asked to provide the e-mail addresses of your friends.What are they used for, for how long are they saved and with whom are they shared?E-mail addresses inserted to send recommendation discount to your friends are used one time only in order to send instructions for the usage of the discount to these addresses. The same e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. E-mail addresses of your friends are not saved anywhere and are not shared.


Which personal data are collected and with whom are they shared?In case you want to leave a comment in our Guestbook, you will have to list your name, surname and e-mail address. Everything you insert in the comment section of the Guestbook will be published on our website. If you have chosen the anonymous mode in the Guestbook, your personal data will not be visible to the visitors of our website, and you will be contacted by e-mail in case you have reported a problem. If you have not chosen the anonymous mode, your name and surname will be published along with your comment on our website. We retain the right to not publish inappropriate content or entry from a nonexistent e-mail address.

What are they used for and for how long are they saved?

To the purpose of positioning, justification of credibility and promotion of services provided by Meridian Sun, we want to enable access to positive and negative experiences of our guests with the Agency to other visitors. Your comments are saved for 10 years since entry date. After the expiration of this time period they are anonymized (we no longer show your name).

Accommodation rating:

Which personal data are collected and with whom are they shared?

Everything you insert in the comment section of the accommodation you stayed at will be published on all our websites and our partners’ websites. In case you have selected the anonymous mode for Accommodation rating, your personal data will not be visible on the website, only the comment will be. In case you have not selected the anonymous mode, your name and surname (provided to us during booking process) will be published along with your comment on all our websites and our partners’ websites. We retain the right to not publish inappropriate content or entry from a nonexistent e-mail address.

What are they used for and for how long are they saved?

Guests’ comments are one of the constituent sales elements of online business. Guests’ comments are collected in order to provide our potential guests with an insight into positive and negative characteristics of the service they might want to acquire. Accommodation ratings are saved at longest for 10 years since entry date. After the expiration of this time period they are anonymized (we no longer show your name).

Meridian Sun newsletters:

Which personal data are collected?

In case you have given us your consent to receive notifications about our promotional activities, you will share your e-mail address with us. In the process, we also save information about the language you used to browse through our web pages, in order to send you our newsletter on a language you understand. You may withdraw your consent by unsubscribing from the recipients list.

What are they used for?

In order for us to inform you, from time to time, about changes in our offer, special opportunities and promotional actions, enabling you to always be on track with all novelties.

For how long are they saved and with whom are they shared?

Your e-mail address is deleted at the moment you unsubscribe from our recipients list. If you have given us that same address for some other reason, it will not be deleted, but your consent for receiving promotional messages will be removed. Your e-mail address is not shared.

Registered users (property owners, business partners, guests and others):

Which personal data are collected?

At the moment you register on our website, you choose to be a user of all advantages of Meridian Sun advantage club (loyalty discount for every new booking, recommendation discount, visa cost refund, fuel cost refund, highway toll reimbursement and so on). In doing so, you will provide us with your name and surname, phone number and e-mail address, as well as a password you will later use to log in.

In case you wish to do further business with us, whether by advertising your accommodation on our website or to sell our accommodation units on your website, you will be asked to provide all information necessary to compile a Contract.

What are they used for and for how long are they saved?

Your personal data are used in order to provide you with the service you requested. E-mails you receive from us may be related to notifications about the status of your user account or the requested service. In doing so, we do not send you any promotional messages, unless you choose to receive them.

In case you have chosen to be our property owner, affiliate partner or sub-agent, your data will be used to contact you in relation to cooperation agreements and and contract stipulation. All further matters will be regulated by Cooperation agreement.

Our registered users’ data are saved for 10 years since your last access to our website or 10 years since the end of your last booking.

None of the collected data will be used for purposes not listed in this document.


Meridian Sun may disclose personal data outside of the above listed only in cases prescribed by law or judicial decision, i.e. in case a need appears to protect the rights and property of its own website, or the need to protect personal safety of the users or general public.

We would like to stress that, being subject to several legal regulations, we have the obligation to save certain information in the form, on the way, and during the time period not defined by this document.

In what way does Meridian Sun ensure the security of collected data?

Meridian Sun pays close attention to this statement and considers that the credibility of its operation depends also on the correspondence between the Agency’s activities and actions with this document.

Therefore, Meridian Sun takes special care about the security of collected users’ data, as well as to protection against loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure and any form of data abuse. Questionnaire compiling, mail contact forms, booking requests… are all surveilled and highly protected processes.

Meridian Sun computer system is designed and uses software which disable every unauthorized access to your data. Our web server is additionally protected from unauthorized accesses (physical or electronic). Your personal data is stored on computers with limited and crypted access.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a text file which, during your first visit to our website, your web browser saves on your computer, enabling faster loading of websites visited previously. Cookies do not contain personal data, but it helps us to provide you with special services while browsing through our website.

One of the main advantages of cookies is time saving and an easier view of websites, since a cookie tells your web browser that you have returned to a previously loaded website.

Statistical information about visits to certain information are created through cookies, hence their great importance in recognizing the users’ wishes, therefore enabling us to adjust the course of development of both our offer and our website.

Cookies are also used for Google Analytics, a service for website analysis owned by Google Inc., as well as to marketing purposes in which we give our visitors outside of Meridian Sun website information of their potential interest, in the form of Google ads.

Cookie is an option offered to you by your web browser. Most web browsers are adjusted as to automatically accept cookies, but if you wish, you can change the settings of your web browser as to reject cookies, or change Google settings on this website.

How can you manage personal data you provided us with?

We would like to stress that you may excercize the rights defined by regulations on personal data protection, some of which are listed here:

  • I want to be informed – We hope that this document has brought some light onto information about which personal data are collected, to which purposes are they used, for how long they are saved, and so on. In case you might need any additional information, feel free to send us an inquiry to the contact address listed below.
  • Which information do I have access to – If you are our registered user, you can access your user account and see which information you have given us in the registration form. An insight into the possible information we have, and which are not part of the user account, may be given to you by sending an inquiry to the address listed below.
  • I want to change my personal information – You are free to edit your user account anytime, and possible information unrelated to your user account may be changed if you contact us.
  • I want to be deleted (forgotten) – You are free to contact us in order for us to fulfill your request.
  • I do not want to receive newsletters anymore – If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletters’ recipients list, please see detailed instructions on unsubscribing, which are sent at the bottom of every e-mail (newsletter).

In case you have any questions related to your personal data or need to file a request related to it, you are free to contact us at e-mail address, where our designated employee for personal data protection, Mr Marjan Vidic, will send you a response within the legal framework.

If you feel your legal rights were violated in any possible way, by contacting our, are not happy with our response or similar, you may file a complaint to the competent supervisory authority, Agency for Personal Data Protection – Agencija za zaštitu osobnih podataka ( in Croatia or Information Commisioner’s Office ( in Unuted Kingdom.

Changes to the Statement

We retain the right to make changes to this statement with time, which might bring about a change in the publication date. We would therefore like to ask our visitors and users to access this statement from time to time, in order to be accurately informed about the ways in which we protect their privacy.

Continuing to be an active visitor of our website and using our services, we consider all regulations of the Statement on privacy protection accepted.

London, September 30, 2019